I actually posted this blog a couple of years ago as it has been my way of life and I would like to share this to you, my friends.

STAR! holds multiple principle that I hold dearly, as I thrive to be a STAR by living the principle of STAR within.

STAR stands to the four most basic principles in life should we thrive to be the best at we do, and to create value to life itself.  Not only to ourselves, but more importantly to whoever we touch, wherever we are, and whenever we be.

In order to create value, we’ve got to have SKILL.  Doesn’t matter what skill you have, as long as you have at least one specific skill that you do the best.  Skills have vast range from skills as soft as empathy and communication, to those considered hard skills as extreme as carpentry.

Skill is one thing, but we won’t get anywhere if we don’t earn TRUST from the society.  In order to create value, skill alone won’t get us far without trust from our environment to do whatever we do best.  Without trust, do you think your customer will shop at your establishment, or vice versa, would you shop at a store that is known as being untrustworthy? As simple as that.  And trust, as people say, is like a sheet of paper that once broken or crumpled, will never be the same.

ATTITUDE is probably the foremost and most important trait of all.  We may have skills and we may have earned trust from the society, but things don’t always go as we plan to be.  Situations may go south regardless how prepared or how skillful we are.  That’s when the real trial is.  Our attitude will always be our life’s compass, and we had better have a compass that always point to Positive Attitude.

Last but definitely not the least is that we eventually must deliver RESULTS.  Our success is determined and defined by us and us alone.  However, even our inner self demands results.  We need to set milestones to our achievements, and we need to literally have those milestones carved and put to the ground for everyone to see.  Results are the true value that we deliver to this existence, to this world.

When we have mastered the principles of STAR, then and by then only that we earn our place as a STAR!

A STAR! inspires and influences his or her ecosystem, and a STAR! illuminates the way forward as a leader.

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